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Sunshine Fitness, led by the energetic and enthusiastic, Shirrita Francis, is a fitness company that inspires, motivates and encourages people to make healthier lifestyle choices through consistent movement and words.

Taking it to the Parking Lot!!!
August 25, 2015
Location – Glenn Fire Station, 11900 Glenn Dale Blvd., Glenn Dale, MD 20769

Hi SunBeams, this week Holy Trinity is preparing for the upcoming school year and will be cleaning the floors in the building we hold our Zumba fitness classes. Therefore, instead of canceling class, we will be dancing OUTSIDE!!!! I have checked the weather, there is no rain in sight!!! So we are good!!!! Join me! This will be a great experience that you don’t want to miss!!! We will let nothing stop us!!! Determination + Consistency = Results!!!! Let’s go!!!

August 24, 2015 Weekly Schedule:

Tuesday – 6:45 – Zumba – Glenn Dale Fire Station
Thursday – 6:45 – Zumba – Glenn Dale Fire Station
Saturday – 8am – Bootcamp – Glenn Dale Fire Station ($10 or multi-class card)
Saturday – 9:15am – Zumba – Glenn Dale Fire Station (Please note the change in time)

Please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email if you have any questions.

Your girl Shirrita a/k/a Sunshine


Many that have attended my classes have noticed that I am always on overdrive.  Well here’s the reason why…. Although at the beginning of each class, I remind everyone to “go at your own pace, modify where you need to, take breaks as you need to, get water as you need to…..”  my goal is to push you to work hard and in order for me to do that, I was trained to get 75% out of you, I need to give 125% of myself.  So don’t be deceived, although, yes, I work hard for myself, I am working even harder for you!  I am my sister’s keeper, yes I am! 


Regular Schedule  – Holy Trinity
11902 Daisy Lane, Glenn Dale, MD
Tuesday Zumba @ 6:45pm
Thursday Zumba @ 6:45pm
Saturday Zumba @ 10:00am – Abs, Toning, Stretch & Relaxation  10:55am




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What People Are Saying...

  • My weight loss of 45 lbs has been over a period of 1 year. It has been a slow but steady progress. My motivation to lose weight was just being tired of being tired if you know what I mean. I can honestly say that because of Shirrita’s pleasant disposition and not to mention – great music and choreography; I look forward to working out. It doesn’t feel like a chore.

    — Dwana Bourne,
  • “I have lost over 20 pounds since starting ZumbawithShirrita in February. Coming to her classes is the most fun I have ever had exercising hands down!!!! The music and energy of the classes are so much fun that you don’t realize how hard you have worked out!”

    — Tiffany Patterson,