Dance Like Nobody is Watching!

Sunshine Fitness, led by the energetic and enthusiastic, Shirrita Francis, is a fitness company that inspires, motivates and encourages people to make healthier lifestyle choices through consistent movement and words.


June 20th – WipeOut Run – Washington DC RFK Stadium, Second Wave (11:30am – 3:00pm) – Team BODYY.  Please use this link to register:


Regular Schedule  – Holy Trinity
11902 Daisy Lane, Glenn Dale, MD
Tuesday Zumba @ 6:45pm
Thursday Zumba @ 6:45pm
Saturday Zumba @ 10:00am – Abs, Toning, Stretch & Relaxation  10:55am




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What People Are Saying...

  • My weight loss of 45 lbs has been over a period of 1 year. It has been a slow but steady progress. My motivation to lose weight was just being tired of being tired if you know what I mean. I can honestly say that because of Shirrita’s pleasant disposition and not to mention – great music and choreography; I look forward to working out. It doesn’t feel like a chore.

    — Dwana Bourne,
  • “I have lost over 20 pounds since starting ZumbawithShirrita in February. Coming to her classes is the most fun I have ever had exercising hands down!!!! The music and energy of the classes are so much fun that you don’t realize how hard you have worked out!”

    — Tiffany Patterson,